Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood - Pyrojuggler

I have spent literally thousands of hours working on juggling balls, torches, knives, bowling balls, crystal balls, full glasses of water, clubs and about anything you could think of. Thousands of hours working on fire eating, blowing, , transferring, fire-staff spinning, and a finale that literally leaves a mushroom cloud and starts to suck the oxygen out of the audience. Though my show is multi-faceted and combines many different styles of entertainment, I am known as a contact-juggling specialist. What is contact juggling? It has to be experienced. Beautiful dances of balance, grace, and line of motion I make crystal balls look as if they are floating over my body like some sort of surreal dream. Children smile, grown men laugh and giggle like school girls, women swoon, it’s a show that brings forth all that is good in live performance.

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