The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival has been my home for 13 years now it is is the most beautiful Facsimile of a German Village right out of the 16th Century Lively Shows, Wonderful Artisans and The villagers make you think you walked through a Time Vortex at the Front Gate right back to the 1500s. What a wonderful Magical experience!

Steve Posco Moss, Vendor

I absolutely love the festival. My hubby introduced me to Faire at this festival. I finally got a chance to be apart of the late night festivities. Thoroughly enjoyed. I do feel that the line up of night time entertainment should have been scheduled better, though.

Anastasha Avendano-Wilson, Festival Attendee

I have lived in the area for 9 years and always knew of this festival going on. I finally brought my children last week just get get them out of the house. I am so glad I did. Everyone was friendly and kind with my kids. They all stayed in character and my kids had a blast! We purchased wooden swords from an awesome weapons shop, they took archery lessons, made crafts, learned to fight with the militia (their favorite part of the day besides archery), had great food and drinks and played the pirate games. We will definitely be back again. Our experience was worth every penny we spent. They are already asking to go back this weekend.

Tiffany Lake-Yakubovsky, Festival Attendee

The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival is wonderful! It's a gorgeous permanent village alive with colorful characters and and full of great entertainment! Don't miss this one and when you go, make sure to stop at the fantastic restaurant for a lovely sit down dining experience. A great way to end a festival day!

Chelsea Keene, Festival Attendee