Have Fun at the Festival


Age 21+ Events


  • NEW!  See period furniture making at our new Renaissance Wood Shop.
  • Test your hand with a bow at the Archer's of Ravenwood camp.
  • Taste period baked bread at MacCoulin Artisans Guild.
  • Watch master blacksmiths at Antares.
  • Leatherworking, woodworking and handcrafts at McDara.
  • Armor and weapon demonstrations at Torc Dubh.
  • Make paper at the Guild of Common Chaps.
  • Cannon and musket demonstrations by La Orden de Santiago and Rogues Cove.
  • Trebuchet demonstrations by the Guild of Arts and Sciences.
  • Glaze your own pottery at Crimson Pegasus Pottery.
  • NEW! Make mermaid houses with the Mermaids at the pool near the Joust arena.


NEW! Introducing Larp City Project's Escape Room:

Explore Pyrat’s Cove:

  • Poseidon’s Adventure  (Duck races)
  • Pyrat Races
  • Windy Sails (Boat races)

Visit the Ship-O-Games!

  • Giant swing
  • Axe Throwing
  • Dart throwing
  • Rocking horses
  • Human powered merry go round.

Children's Events

  • Moonlight Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Children's Scavenger Hunt - Children can sign up at the Sea Hawks camp, where they'll receive a map of the village and a list of scavenger hunt items. If they can find them all, they can return to the Sea Hawks camp to get some treasure!

Note: This list of entertainers and demonstrations may be subject to change and will be updated periodically to reflect any changes. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date!