You won’t find anyone more dedicated to their crafts than the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival guild members – and they are always looking for people who share their passion to join their ranks. If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to be transformed into one of our Renaissance characters – real or mythical – why not give it a try? It’s a great way to become a part of the Festival.

The active Guilds of the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival are listed below along with their contact information. To learn more about joining a Guild, contact them directly or email the Festival at – and we’ll be happy to connect you.

Our Guilds

Antares Free Company

Visit with a multinational Company of craftspeople, soldiers, and families. Everyone is welcome to wander our open camp and experience camp life. Our blacksmiths use flint and steel to light the coal-fired forge in the morning, and work all day. They turn steel into knives, tools, cooking utensils, camp equipment, and art. Stop at the Wayward Star Tavern to play period games, talk to the soldiers, or watch the camp children play. Take a seat with the crafters, and learn about fiber crafts of the period, including knitting, spinning, sewing, and types of weaving. Feel free to ask questions about the crafts, the camp, or life in Koroneburg!


Archers of Ravenwood

Come test your skills at our archery shooting range. The Archers of Ravenwood portray an independent English Military Company known as a free-company in the year 1450. Not to be confused with the term mercenary, the latter tends to be completely unaffiliated with any given land or lord. Visit to find everything from period herbal medicines to instructions on how to make your own chain maille armor. Our goal is to provide patrons with a lasting experience, long after they leave our encampment.


Border Horse

We portray a band of men from the border region between England and Scotland. We attained notice of the Crown and were used as hired light Calvary, scouts and foragers through the reigns of Henry through the Elizabethan time.

Another thing we became known for was our Reiving ways. Borderers are a breed apart from polite society so you have to get to know us to see how you will fair with us in your area.

You can find us at various events throughout the year. We will be glad to show you our tools of the trade and explain some of our story with you when you come to visit our camp.


Guild of the Common Chaps

The Guild of the Common Chaps can be found at the Chapmans Book Shop. Here you will find a variety of books representing what the common folks, both young and old, knew or read during the renaissance. Our guild is dedicated in preserving and educating the public about the beginning of printing and the roll the Chapman played in it. Here you will also find our delightful Bards and Nobles Garden. A place to sit and relax under shade and watch our fairies play in Fairy Hollow. Come join us for a good story and the thrill of learning something new.


Guild of Science and Arts (St. Ambrose)

We teach the public with various “Individuals of Knowledge” from the 1500s performing and available to answer questions about “our time” and life experiences.

Contact: 909-949-1420

Heiligensturm Fahnlein

Landsknechts were the Holy Roman Emperor's answer to affordable armies, semi-mercenaries fighting for the Empire but free to seek employment elsewhere when not needed for Imperial wars. These hard-bitten men, known for their extravagant and obnoxious clothing and behavior, and those who followed them fought in nearly every western European battle from 1490 through most of the 1500's, becoming more and more unreliable as pay grew more and more unreliable.

Heiligensturm Faehnlein is a group of Landsknechte between campaigns, having returned to our preferred recruiting grounds to replenish our ranks after a disastrous campaign that ended with the Sacking of the Holy city of Rome in 1527. It is currently 1529 for our Faehnlein, and we prepare to march to Vienna to repel a new threat to the Empire, and Christendom itself - the Turk! These soldiers have sat too long, but at long last, we're preparing to march in the Emperor's name once more!

Come train with us, learn how to use a pike and prepare to help defend the Empire's eastern flank from the blasphemous Turks and other enemies of the Empire! We pay in gold and silver, our baggage train has the best cooks and better Huren, the only catch is the life expectancy! Don't mind that though, you'll be fine... "


Kloster Brauleuchtung

As you already know,  our beloved baron von lauffer earned his lands and titles from the singular virtue of crafting the perfect bier.  As you are surely also aware,  the management of such a glorious barony is a laborious and time consuming endeavor, to say nothing of the preparations and hosting of a world renowned festival such as this. One may be inclined to ask,  "but what of the bier? How can he maintain his duties and still find time to produce the elixir which made him famous?" Here marks the origin and mission of the (in) famous Kloster Brauleuchtung.

Nearby Kloster Scheyern is an abbey well known as the royal family's cemetery. It's also known as a great brewery. Ever the open handed man of God, Baron von Lauffer made several sizable donations to Scheyern,  until the abbot there saw fit to open a small cloister within Koroneburg. (In truth,  it was also a handy way to rid himself of some of the less pious and rowdier brothers who seemed to have joined more for the drink than the salvation.)

Kloster Brauleuchtung (the abbey of the enlightened brewer) has dedicated itself to the furtherance of brewing,  in service to Christ, and the Baron. To that end,  monks from around the world,  and even lay persons and heathens,  have been consulted,  and even employed,  to brew the best bier possible,  using the latest in experimental processes and techniques.

La Orden de Santiago

We portray a compania of the Spanish Army of Flanders from 1577-1587, during the Golden Age of Spain. His Most Catholic Majesty King Phillip II has sent us to fight for Spain in the Spanish Netherlands during the 80 Years' War. To get there, we are travelling on the Spanish Road, which stretches from Milan to Brussels. Come join us while we are camped in an old church yard just outside of Koroneburg.

Website: La Orden de Santiago Facebook

Le Guild Du Saint Martin

Welcome to Le Guild Du Saint Martin. We are a French and mercenary pike unit, Le Salamander en or du Picardy, reenacting the year 1537 – just three years after the military reformation of King Francis I, where the military of France was restructured into Roman-style legions. Our goal is to educate as well as entertain. At our home event, we occupy The Inn of the Black Roach, where you can find our soldiers relaxing and enjoying the comforts of the German village of Koroneburg. We are always looking for new members to play various parts from soldier to fool, camp follower to ladies of easy virtue. Anyone with multiple personalities, send a message on Facebook or attend a meeting – all are welcome. We take dual members too!


MacCoulin Bakers and Artisans Guild

Being from the northern lands we are people of both Celtic and Norse decent. We are accustomed to wandering about until we fell upon a small village known as Koroneburg. Being the fine bakers that we are, we found great favor in this village and were asked to stay by the barony. The Baron gave us a small parcel of land where we could set up a shop and supply baked goods for the people. We demonstrate curious crafts as well as bread making and baking in our brick oven and give out samples of our tasty treats.

McDara Family Tradesmen

The McDara Family of Tradesmen hail from Ireland. Dan and Fiona McDara started a home and accepted a large number of very talented craftspeople into their extended family. The family became prosperous and renowned for the fine quality of goods they produced. The Baron Von Lauffer of Koroneberg was traveling the world searching for entertainment for his festival when he came across the McDara Family of Tradesmen and became enthralled. He convinced Daniel (now known as the McDara Mor) to bring the entire family to Germany to participate in the Festival. He paid passage on a ship and the entire family went on vacation for a year to be a part of this huge event. That was more than ten years ago. The Baron promises every year to pay for return passage to Ireland – though he never seems to find the time or funds to make this occur. Having become accustomed to the substance of a Baron’s promises, McDara has built new homes in Germany.


Pirates of Rogues Cove

The Pirates of Rogues Cove is a non-profit educational renaissance re-enactment guild devoted to youth and adult education about pirates and sailors during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650 -1725) in a historical learning environment. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Nevada (USA). All of our members are volunteers; none of us are paid. Rogues Cove is the homeport of Neptune's Fortune a Scottish Privateer vessel commanded by Captain Nathaniel A. Davidson. As the Captain will tell you, "The rogues are Specializin' in improv comedy, wenchin', drinkin' & plunderin'. When all else fails, start blasting away with the cannons!"


St. Brian’s Embassy and St. Bernard’s Inn (Saints B&B)

Saint Bernard’s Inn at Saint Brian’s Embassy is a way station for travelers. We honor Saint Brian and Saint Bernard by giving comfort to weary pilgrims in need of rest, and aiding heroes on a quest.

Located between Twisted Horn Ale Stand and Village Stage, we are well positioned to meet and greet folk of all lands and host them at Saints B&B. From Barons, Knights, soldiers, and sailors, to minstrels, monks, merchants, peasants, children, and animals, all are willkommen at Saint Brian’s Embassy.

Come join us as we play games, make music, practice sword fighting, and enjoy the festival in our beautiful village of Koroneburg!

It is our solemn duty
To aid you
In any way we may
To feel welcome, comfortable,
Happy, hydrated,
And most importantly,
Entertained while you
Enjoy our Festival at Koroneburg!

Torc Dubh

Torc Dubh is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation consisting of dedicated volunteers from throughout the U.S. that teach the history of the Scots and Irish.


The Faire Actors Guild

We are a group of actors passionate about acting, reenacting, performance, and theater. We are dedicated to bringing life and vigor to the Koroneburg Village. Our goal is primarily interactions with the audience through gigging, street performance, and improv, all those fun things that get the guests involved. We are here to make your time memorable and fun. That's all we do, that's what we love and live for!

Town Folke

Brothers in Arms, a handful of Imperialist Officers have decided to retire from the ravages of War. They pooled their wages from Campaign and purchased an old Hunting Lodge no longer being used by Baron Von Laufer. Bringing their Wives and families to Koroneburg in the hopes of settling down, these once loathed soldiers are opening their hearts and homes to all of our fine Burg to enjoy a brief respite from the day to day toils. For the Imperial troops, a place to share their stories and seek comfort in song and laughter until the drums call them to duty once more. Regardless of rank or station, we provide a theatre from which to perform, entertain and share in the warm embrace of the Dame Fortuna.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to be part of the Festival but not as a Guild member, we are always looking for volunteers. You can volunteer for a day, several days or for the whole Festival. Volunteers get complimentary admission to the Festival, special free parking and other privileges afforded only to cast members. Email us at