Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are marketplace tickets from 2019 still accepted?
  2. I bought tickets online and I have not received them in my email yet, when should they arrive?
    They should arrive right away. Please check your spam or promotions folder. If you can’t find them, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll take a look.
  3. Will you have a kids go in free day?
    We don’t have a kids go free day, but we do have the Knights of the fabled Reader program. When your child completes the report form they get free entrance into the Festival and can participate in a knighting ceremony at the Templar Castle. You can sign up here: The 2019 form is still valid for 2022
  4. Will the pub crawl be happening?
    Yes! We will be sharing details on the pub crawl soon.
  5. Do you have any vaccine, mask, or COVID safety requirements?
    We are following the latest public health recommendations and guidance for outdoor events. Currently, vaccinations and masks are not required to attend, however, individual vendors are permitted to set their own requirements. Where social distancing is not possible, some vendors may require masks.
  6. I signed up for the First Time Fair Belly Dance and was told I need to complete a virtual class. Where is the link?
    Please contact our Event Coordinator at [email protected] for help.
  7. What are the bathrooms like/are they wheelchair/ADA accessible?
    We have ADA-accessible portable toilets, and all shops and entertainment areas are able to accommodate people in wheelchairs.
  8. Have you filled all your entertainment spots?
    If you would like to apply as an entertainer, please reach out to our Entertainment Coordinator at [email protected]