Enchanted Realms

  • EnchantedRealms2
  • ER Kornoneburg

Enchanted Realms

Listening to Enchanted Realms, one feels as though a layered veil of darkness is being lifted, and the emerging dreamscape, lit by moons and stars, is transforming into a place where magical things can happen and almost anything can be believed in.

Luminous melodies, sparkling with the celestial, are at the core of their sound, exquisitely performed on acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass/string pedals, Violin, neo-Celtic harp, wood flutes, renaissance recorders, penny whistles, percussion, and sublime vocals.

Enchanted Realms has created a vivid world of poetic and fanciful imagery woven around themes immersed in “Love’s treasures and varied secrets”, and stretching across vast panoramas into, “Lands far beyond the mystic”.

Utilizing a sophisticated palette of colors for painting their original musical expressions, Enchanted Realms skillfully delivers each song with passion, warmth, love and joy, as well as with a graceful charm, quiet wit and a relaxed atmosphere of playfulness.


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