Sir Jeffrey Hedgecock

Sir Jeffrey Hedgecock

Motto:  Le succés par la dignité (Success through dignity)

Fifteen years ago, Sir Jeffrey Hedgecock first combined his equestrian skill with a fine appreciation of the Armourer's art by jousting in the Monarch's Tournament in West Yorkshire, England. Acquitting himself well, he's since gained further renown in many other tournaments across the Isles and on the Continent.

Soon after, King Rene of Anjou welcomed Sir Jeffrey into his Order of the Crescent. Together with his brothers in the Order, Sir Jeffrey proudly represents the Brotherhood in Jousts and Tournaments throughout Europe, spreading renown for his companions and good King Rene in his travels.

Sir Jeffrey has mentored many younger knights in the Art of the Tournament and brings his 3 foremost proteges to Koroneburg to test their skill in the coming weeks. He challenges them to honourably and chivalrously display their knightly prowess for the enjoyment of the people of Koroneburg.

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