Simon Spalding

Simon Spalding is a fiddler and all-around Fun Guy, the Baron’s Ambassador to the distant Central Asian Kingdom of Myassistan. Simon has just returned to Koroneburg with wonders of the East, including an erhu (a two-stringed Asian fiddle), a very un-German hat, Oriental games, as well as tales and traditions of this exotic land.

Simon may be found performing on his own; or leading the landsknechts in Bosseln (the traditional lane bowling of Ostfriesland), accompanying belly dancers, belting out a sea chantey, or leading the baron and his court in a country dance.

Simon has performed at Renaissance events in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, and North Carolina, where he currently resides. Simon has performed throughout North America and twelve European countries.

For more information, check out Simon’s website.

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