Great Minds Project

Great Minds Project

June 15, 2019
LORE Garden

About The Great Minds Project

The Great Minds Project would like to invite middle/junior high students to a wonderful opportunity! This project is designed to be a great introduction for your studies in the Renaissance Period. Great minds developed in the Renaissance and yours can, too.

Great Scientists of the period created fascinating ideas and inventions. Find one that inspires you and develop a project based on historical ideas, but reflects your idea of future improvements.

After your project is completed, you will then have the opportunity to present your project on Great Minds Project Day at the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival. There you will be able to talk about who inspired you, why and how your project works.

The Koroneburg Festival runs from Memorial weekend to the 4th weekend in June.


Applicant must send in their Application before May 12, 2019.

>Great Minds Project Application
>Information and Guidelines

Send this form to:

After your application and information has been sent in, you will receive:

  • 1 child to the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
  • 1 adult pass to the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
  • A place to present your project in the LORE yard
  • A certificate of recognition