Over the years my daughter has participated in the reading program offered by the Knights of the Fabled Readers. My daughter is 10 years old and is not a strong independent reader. Finding motivation for her to pick up a book is a challenge. Every summer she is motivated to read in order to attend and get Knighted at the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival. This year she even read 2 chapter books in one day. The partnership with our local Renaissance Festival helps bring the past alive.  LORE has motivated her to leave the world of electronics behind and learn more about how life was during the renaissance period.
This year was especially fun as we used our complementary passes to earn season passes for next year. Little does she realize she still has to read her five books and write a little book report on her favorite story. 
In this world of electronics there are not many activities that can include the whole family. I would highly recommend this reading program as a way to bring the family together. Everyone can benefit from picking up a book and reading. Everyone reads and then as a reward go as a family to the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival.