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Cydeshow Cy

The Dashing! The Dangerous! The Shocking! Cydeshow Cy brings you the world's most dangerous stunt and other feats of danger in one hilarious show. Sword swallowing, whip cracking, knife juggling and more! All real and all entertaining!
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Simon Spalding

Simon Spalding is a fiddler and all-around Fun Guy, the Baron’s Ambassador to the distant Central Asian Kingdom of Myassistan. Simon has just returned to Koroneburg with wonders of the East, including an erhu (a two-stringed Asian fiddle), a very un-German hat, Oriental games, as well as tales and traditions of this exotic land.
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The Gilded Hilt

The Schoole of the Gilded Hilt, based in Long Beach, California, is a private schoole of defence and living history group dedicated to accurately teaching the arte and science of the rapier and its companion weapons.
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