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Whiskey Bards

The Whiskey Bards are a group of four friends who have joined together to pursue the bardic arts of times past.

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We Were Framed

Hazel Wood and Maple Leaf were each bewitched into paintings and hung on opposite sides of the witches house, yet they soon became great friends.

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Wanderlust Merfolk Mermaids

Wanderlust Merfolk Mermaids It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that I start sharing my passion for mermaids and sharing my newest mermaid and non mermaid creations. Instagram
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We're a music troupe dedicated to an artistic genre from the Renaissance period. "The Dance of Death" shares the human commonality of death through music. Facebook Page
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The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival RETURNS IN 43 Days 9 Hours 36 Minutes 33 Seconds