Cordelia’s Closet

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Cordelia's Closet

After many years of making clothing and costuming for friends and family, I found myself able to turn my hobby into a business. We are a husband and wife team. I design and create and my husband is, hmm, how should I put this, the money. Together we are creating something fun and unique.

I work full time designing and creating custom and one-of-a-kind jewelry, costuming, and corsets. We provide everything you might want for any era.

I pride myself on offering elegant, handcrafted clothing and accessory designs for "Adventurous Femmes and Daring Gentlemen." Featuring fantastical neo-Victorian and steampunk attire, corsets, skirts, bustles, jackets, coat-dresses, and a wide range of unique one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Most items are custom made to your specifications. However, we do offer a variety of ready to wear items to make your outfit complete.